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SEIU Local 503 Oregon now hiring organizers!

Job Openings: January 2018

SEIU Local 503 is Oregon's union of 65,000 nursing home, homecare, child care and other care providers, public and non-profit workers. We are part of the 2 million member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), committed to building power for low-wage workers and engaging in social and economic justice issues facing working families, from affordable housing to immigrant rights. We wage big campaigns to win better wages, healthcare and more secure jobs to help ensure that workers--not just corporations and CEOs--benefit from today’s global economy.

We are hiring labor/community and digital organizers to work with a team of staff and members in a fast-paced campaign environment across Oregon.

Organizer Job Opening:

Organizers support and facilitate worker leadership and action. This position has program responsibility for organizing, communications, and political action through worker and community leadership development. Organizers help build power by organizing non-union workers with a focus on one-on-one recruiting, house visits and developing community structures to win organizing campaigns.

Requirements: A minimum two years’ experience or background demonstrating capabilities in organizing, political action, leadership identification and development, and motivating people to take action; a demonstrated commitment to empowering workers through the labor movement;experience working for social justice as an organizer or activist; and ability and stamina to work irregular and long hours and to attend weekend and evening activities.

Digital Media Organizer (Limited Duration/Six Months) Job Opening:

Digital media organizers support our lead-generation efforts and media campaign planning. This position uses new media and digital tools to organize, advocate on our issues, and increase member and community engagement. This position may develop campaigns, monitor and track performance, analyze the findings, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Requirements: A minimum of three to five years’ work experience in online campaign communications and digital media; demonstrated commitment to progressive values; work or volunteer experience with labor union or non-profit advocacy organization; experience with visual communication principles; familiarity with web design and content management systems; excellent analytical and project management skills; ability to independently multitask and perform under tight deadlines; strong verbal and written communication skills.

Pay and Benefits: Organizing positions provide comprehensive fully paid health, dental and vision benefits for employee and eligible dependents, domestic partner benefits, generous holiday and vacation policies, a monthly car and cell phone allowance, and a 15% employer-paid defined contribution 401K. Compensation range is based on experience, $48,600-$78,200 annually.


We are committed to hiring staff who reflect our membership and model the unity and equity that we seek to create in Oregon communities. Women, LGBTQ, people of color, and immigrants strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Submit your cover letter describing your interest and a resume in one attachment (PDF preferred) by e-mail to: Label your document(s) as follows: Your Last Name. Your First Name and either Organizer or Digital Organizer. (Example: Parks Rosa Digital Organizer)

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