Equitable Contracting and Purchasing Commission report to city council

The following is a report that the Equitable Contracting and Purchasing Commission put before city council on September 14. You can read about the reaction from mayor Charlie Hales, who says there is 'no excuse' for the city's lack of progress, here. The key takeaways from this presentation are that the city is moving backward in its efforts to ensure minorities and women earn a larger share of construction jobs on city-funded projects and that utilizing Community Benefits Agreements will get better results – as well as provide accurate, detailed data for helping officials to understand and respond to the depth of the problem.

Date Changed: City council will hear presentation on Community Benefits Agreements Thursday, Sept. 2

I've had a meeting with city staff, in preparation for the council presentation on the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) pilot projects (being held, Thursday Sept. 22 at 2 p.m.), and learned more about what they are planning to say about CBAs and the recommendations they will be looking to get approved by council for how they move forward on city capital projects. The direction they plan to go in is deeply concerning to me, and means that turnout and testimony by community and labor is critical. They plan to: · Exclude any PLA language but still have unions held responsible to the goals · Cap any community investment to 1% of project costs · Name the “Community Equity and Inclusion Plan (CE

City council to review CBA on September 21

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE: The city council hearing was originally scheduled for September 21, but is now scheduled for Thursday, September 22 at 2:00 p.m. Michael Burch's important opinion piece in the Daily Journal of Commerce last week echoes my belief that Community Benefits Agreements serve as an effective mechanism to bring public owners, contractors, labor unions and our community together to ensure that public investment leads to public benefit for all. Michael is the community relations and outreach director for the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters. He and I have served together on the Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity and the city of Portland’s Equitable Contra

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