An introduction to Wayfinding Academy

Hello Friends, As a board member of Wayfinding Academy, I am trying to help raise funds for this startup non-profit, two-year Portland college that is challenging us all to rethink the higher education system as we know it. They have innovative approaches and a fresh perspective that makes me believe they have a shot at making a real impact. I am hoping you could make a one-time donation of $50-$100. Collectively we can make a difference. Wayfinding also offers community progressive labs, and there is an option to donate and receive two tickets for ($120). You can make a donation here. Or send a check to: The Wayfinding Academy PO Box 13483 Portland, OR 97213 Please feel free to reach out,

City should charge for services to presidential campaign visits

The City should follow its policy and charge for services when presidential campaigns visit the City, according to an audit released on May 31 by City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero. Cities incur costs – mostly for security provided by Police – when presidential campaigns visit. Portland’s current policy is to bill private entities, including campaigns, for costs. The City has not billed campaigns for visits in the current campaign cycle. Recent campaign visits from October 2014 to April 2016 cost the city at least $180,000 for Police Bureau time and overtime. The audit recommends the City follow its current policy and charge political campaigns or event organizers for the costs of City service

WWeek: Charlie Hales proposes cuts to city watchdog

Auditor Mary Hull Caballero criticizes the proposed cuts: The auditor's office, Caballero says, "is having its budget cut by the very people we hold accountable, and those are the same people who exempted themselves from cuts. Somewhere along the way, the auditor's office has come to be treated as just another bureau and it's not just another bureau." "Of course we're not going to take a cut that reduces the ability to do audits of us," Commissioner Nick Fish told colleagues. "It's not good policy, and it would look terrible in a headline." Read Beth Slovic's story at Willamette Week.

PBDG May newsletter

The May newsletter for the Professional Business Development Group – a trade association for construction and professional services – is out now, featuring a profile of MAXXIMO's Dimas Diaz, bid opportunities for your business, details on the May 6 Community Benefits Summit and more. You can download a PDF here.

City council will hear resolution for Community Opportunities and Enhancements Plan on May 11

The Portland Building Reconstruction project offers a unique opportunity to invest further in community opportunities and enhancements. The Request for Proposals for the progressive Design-Build-Relocate (DBR) contract for the Portland Building Reconstruction project includes aggressive requirements, goals, targets, and incentives for workforce diversity at all levels and in all trades, for apprenticeship hours, and for disadvantaged, minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small business for both the construction as well as the design and professional services components of the project as described in the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Plan. In October 2015, City Council passed Resolution

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