Panama Papers Should Re-Ignite Focus on Closing Shell Companies and Tax Havens

Published in the Skanner News: April 21, 2016 It is hard to believe that the second easiest place in the world to run a shady, anonymous, and often criminal corporation is right here in the United States. According to a recent academic study, the United States is second only to Kenya for harboring these shell companies used to launder money and skirt their taxes. Much like the classic sleight of hand game, companies across the country, including many here in Oregon, are shifting and shuffling ownership and holdings until we lose track of who or where they are. Criminal organizations regularly set up shell companies to launder ill-gotten revenues and fund their criminal enterprise. In the cas

Investments in the CBA lead to success

Two Portland Community Benefits Agreement pilot projects for the Portland Water Bureau, the Kelly Butte Reservoir and the Interstate Maintenance Facility, have met or exceeded all utilization goals for diverse apprentices and journey workers – except for the female journey worker goal. The female apprenticeship of 9% was surpassed on the Kelly Butte project at 28% and on the Interstate project at 34%. Investments in the CBA lead to success. Download the April 2016 report here.

Minnesota Gov. outlines $100M proposal to reverse racial disparities

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton outlines $100M proposal to reverse persistent racial disparities in housing, education and labor. His proposals, if enacted, would provide infusions of capital into business-development programs, youth employment initiatives and down-payment assistance for lower-income first-time home buyers. He also wants more funding for the Department of Human Rights, a state agency that investigates complaints of discrimination in workplaces. Dayton’s agenda reflects a commitment to ensuring Minnesota’s future economic growth. Business groups and others warn that if racial disparities in education aren’t addressed now, they will stymie the state’s ability to grow and thrive. St

PBDG newsletter features Thursday meet-and-greet with Jules Bailey, Ted Wheeler

Professional Business Development Group – a trade association for construction and professional services – and Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) are hosting a Portland-mayoral-candidate, small-business meet and greet on Thursday, April 14 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Tamale Boy, 1764 N.E. Dekum St. This is a unique opportunity to network directly with the candidates about issues that impact small businesses. Jules Bailey will be available from 6:00 to 6:45 and Ted Wheeler from 6:45 to 7:30. For more information, download a PDF of the PBDG newsletter here.

City auditor's office needs independence, autonomy to do job correctly

The current city budget flap shows an essential need for preserving the independence of the auditor's office. How do you preserve the independence of that office when staffing and program decisions are subject to veto by those targeted for oversight? The relationship is clouded when the auditor is both watchdog to bureaus and reliant on them. Championing good governance requires being accountable to the voters. Oregonian Editorial:

College to County mentorship program application

The Multnomah County College to County Mentorship Program is offering two Portland -based summer internships – for students from underrepresented communities or low-income family backgrounds – to upper-level or graduate students in architecture, civil engineering and construction management. This is an opportunity to work in the design phase for two capital building projects and to develop valuable relationships with staff and contractors. The positions are being offered at a rate of $21.38/hr for 20-40 hours/weekly. The name of the position on the application is FPM Project Management Service Intern and the link is here:

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